Live like nobody likes you

Often times when I’m thinking of writing a post, creating something or saying something to someone I don’t. Why?

Often times when I'm thinking of writing a post, creating something or saying something to someone I don't. Why? Because I start to think what I'm about to put out into the world will cause someone I hardly know (or even someone I know well) to think less of me/not like me. I think a lot of people who struggle with anxiety have experienced this and it can really prevent you from doing something good/positive/incredible. How can we get around this? Live like nobody likes you.

You are now free to say what you want

At first, this may seem like a crazy thought. Living life like everyone you know or meet doesn't really like you is something that will surely make you feel more anxious. But will it? If nobody likes you then anything you say/do from that moment on is irrelevant. You don't need to try and impress Mr random person you just met because they don't like you anyway! So when you want to say something you can be free to say it, if it turns out you are wrong and that person does like you then you've just said something that you would normally say ergo increasing the positive relationship you already have with that person. Second guessing yourself over a tweet because you think that someone will think you're an idiot? Well if they already think you're an idiot does it really matter? NO! Tweet away happily 😜

Endless possibilities

I think the possibilities with adopting this mindset are endless. You're no longer bound by what someone else will think because you're accepting the possibility that they may already think the worst.

Coming back to reality

The fact is, in reality, you're probably not a bad person and it's highly likely that lots of people enjoy the things you say and the thoughts you share, it's just you who's having a problem believing it. I'm just suggesting you adopt a mindset that allows you to truly be yourself without fearing what others will think. Use it as a tool to stop you from holding back who you really are.

If it works for you it works if not try something else

This is something that I personally find helpful and the intention isn't to make anybody feel worse about themselves. So if you try this and it makes things worse then stop and try something else. Do what works for you and keep trying.

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