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After using mrmadhat.com as a place for my private notes for quite some time I’ve decided to start publishing some content publicly.

After using mrmadhat.com as a place for my private notes for quite some time I've decided to start publishing some content publicly. Here's an introduction to the site and what sort of things I'll be writing about.

Getting up and running quickly

Before starting I wanted to create my own theme to style the site how I want. I didn't want to spend forever creating a theme because I wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible. So I decided to start with creating a bare bones theme that focuses on the most important aspect of the site...the content. As you might notice I currently only have a very minimal setup with the home page displaying my posts and each post having their own individual page. Navigation is also simplistic with just a back button to send visitors back to the home page from the current post being viewed. Obviously I would like this site to grow and have more features but currently, anything else the site could have would just be time wasted creating an empty shell.

How long did it take?

So far I've spent a very small amount of time developing the theme/functionality of the site about two 3 hours evening stints.

So whats in store?

This website is going to be a place for two things. The primary discussion will be about website development (with a focus on WordPress development) and secondly, there will be the odd thought/update. This could be general thoughts, events I've visited, books I've been reading or what I've had for dinner, probably not the latter, I'm sure nobody wants to hear about that!

Considering so far I've only posted about anxiety I've decided it's probably best to play it by ear. The intention for this site is to be a place to publish my thoughts and ideas on a wide variety of subjects and rather than setting a primary/secondary focus and limiting myself I'm just going to talk about what I feel like talking about at any given time.

Upcoming additions to the site

Here are some of the things that I'm going to be added to the site in the near future:

  • Content (Obviously)
  • Ability to sign up to a mailing list
  • Site Navigation
  • Social sharing
  • Comments
  • Replace post pagination with infinite scroll
  • Follow me when users click the author link
  • Feedback page

I'd really be interested in hearing some feedback about the site and some features you think I should develop please feel free to tweet me my handle is @itsdannylalala

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