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Learning Roadmap: Creating Software as a Service

One of my main focuses for 2020 is to learn how to develop and release Software as a Service (SaaS). This article outlines the process I’m going to take over the course of the year to accomplish that goal.


Achieving clarity of thought

Achieving clarity of thought can be immensely difficult at times, it apparently seems the most difficult to achieve when we need it the most. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts right now it’s ok, take a few breaths, count to 10 and work through the following steps.


Learning website development: Starting right

I recently attended a meetup where quite a lot of people where new to web development and where interested in pursuing it as a career. Throughout the course of the event I realised that a lot of these people where causing themselves a lot of headaches and as anyone who’s been through the process of learning web development will know, the last thing you want to do is be giving yourself more obstacles and headaches than what’s necessary.


How to fix problems using globally installed npm packages after switching from bash to zsh

If you’ve recently switched to zsh and found that you can no longer use globally installed npm packages here’s the fix.


Defining a "real need" in business and product development

In the book Lean software development: An Agile Toolkit Mary and Tom Poppendieck discuss how 3M encourages all staff to develop new products, they also discuss the approval process for these products.